Japan Part 1~ Osaka

Konnichiwa everyone! Just recently got back from my trip to Japan and wanted to share my travel experiences. I thought the best way to approach was to break down my trip into the cities I have visited. From Osaka all the way to Tokyo.

First up is the Umeda Sky Building (there is a small replica of what the building looks like on the bottom left corner). I realized I probably should have taken a picture of the building from afar since it is quite a beautiful building… thinking back now I was probably distracted by all of the festivities happening below that day. There was a little Oktoberfest happening, with German beer, sausages and waiters dressed up in their beer maid outfits.

osaka1Now I know alot of cities have observatories where you can get a 360 view of the entire city, but I must say this is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen. Aside from the usual looking out the window, there is actually a oval glass walk way on the roof of the building where you can enjoy the fresh air along with the great view.

Shinsaibashi and Dontonbori

osaka2Ah Shinsaibashi, I probably spent hours walking along this single street leading up to Dotonbori. There is just so much to look at, countless clothing, cosmetic, shoes, restaurant and it is packed with people everywhere.

Dotonbori is definitely a place one should visit during the night, there was singing and music festivities happening along the river side, huge neon signs everywhere. Unfortunately the famous Glico man was under repair so the best I could do was the miniature version above. The store fronts in Dotonbori is definitely a sight to see, no one likes to be out done so each store I walked pass had bigger, wackier displays than the one before.


Kyoto was the perfect side trip from Osaka since the two places are only 30 minuets apart by subway so the trip was really quite convenient. Looking back now I really wish I could have stayed longer in Kyoto, it was just such a beautiful city (probably my favourite). Stepping into Kyoto is like travelling back in time, if you wish to get a glimpse of old Japan this is definitely the place.


The Golden Pavilion is a must visit for me and it was stunning, really makes for picture perfect post cards. I was quite lucky to have gone on a sunny day since every other day during the week was either cloudy or raining. The sun really brings out the best of the temple, the whole place was glowing with gold. The pictures underneath was taken the next day on my way to the Kiyomizudera pictured below.

kyoto1The Kiyomizudera I was told was an ideal place to be during the cherry tree blossom season. The temple is really quite impressive, it has a huge extended stage overlooking the hills, that is supported by these gigantic tall wooden platforms. There was many interesting details outside the temple- such as the countless small statues all dressed in colorful clothes ( I am not fully aware of the story behind these statues… If someone like to clarify that would be great!). If you ever get tired of walking around, there are men (sometimes women) pulled rickshaw tours you can take as seen in the middle bottom picture. These tours do come with a pretty steep price, the average price is around $80 for 30 minutes but that is negotiable I believe.


The walk from Kiyomizudera temple to the Yasaka shrine (also known as the Gion shrine) was lined with shops, more shrines and pagodas. There were tons of yummy snakes on the way (I have decided to do another post dedicated just to street food and restaurants, so stay tune for that)! I was a little sad I wasn’t able to see the Yasaka shrine during night time since I heard it looks really beautiful (more…)


Ah time went by so fast, fall is just around the corner! This will probably be my last post before I head off to Japan for two weeks. I have been looking forward to this trip since…probably forever! Really excited for all the sightseeing and shopping to come. I definitely packed my most comfortable shoes for this trip (10 story shopping malls here I come)! Not quite sure what I will be finding there but I am really hoping to find some unique pieces to add to my closet. Time to stock up on fall/winter clothing….
9Plaid shirt- $24 (Forever 21)

Sleeveless shirt dress- $8 (Bluenotes)

Shoes- $40 (Nine West)




Feeling casual today! Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend.
4Top- (Forever 21)

Skort- $10 (Star Fashion)

Shoes- (Truth or Dare Bye Madonna)

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.37.53 AM

I simply love these sandals! Got them while I still had the obsession with everything studded…(yikes). The sandals itself is very comfortable, however the gold studs on the inside of each shoe turned out to be a major problem. On the first night I wore them, I somehow managed to lose one of them, so off they went…..